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Upcoming events

    • 7 Jun 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Teams Meeting

    Coffee Chat >>> Employer Responsibility and 2023 Federal Health Insurance Program Changes – Meet our local Health Insurance Navigators!

    All BadgerCare/Medicaid/CHIP members will need to renew their benefits sometime between June 2023 and May 2024 due to the end of the federally mandated “continuous eligibility”. This could result in up to 300,000 people in Wisconsin losing their health insurance coverage! It is estimated that about 60% of people who lose this coverage will have an option of employer-sponsored health coverage, and they are allowed a 60-day special enrollment for this qualifying life event. Workforce Connections’ licensed Health Insurance Navigators will explain all options available to help your effected employees through this transition and avoid losing healthcare coverage.

    This event is free, but registration is required for access to the Teams meeting link.

    • 11 Jun 2023
    • 14 Jun 2023
    • Las Vegas, NV

    Conference Description

    Change in the workplace and in your own work doesn’t come easy. It takes vision, connections, commitment and access to the right resources. All the things you’ll get and all the things we’ll celebrate at SHRM23, SHRM’s 75th anniversary conference. It’s not only going to be bigger than ever. It’s going to be better than ever, featuring four days of curated experiences throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center, around town and even live online. So, join us for this historic event and join us to make a real change in the world of work.

    Event Pricing

    SHRM Member $1,995

    Non-SHRM Member $2,395

    Register Here!

    • 21 Jun 2023
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Hybrid Event

    This is a hybrid event. In-person attendees will meet at Belle Square (232 3rd Street North, La Crosse, WI). Enter the doors at the corner of 3rd Street and Vine Street.

    Attracting and retaining talent is one of the top priorities of the HR community. Seeing how your benefit offerings stack up vs others can help you put together a total rewards package that accomplishes this priority. There are many different benchmarks out there and knowing which are relevant to you is and why is helpful. We will explore several benchmarks for benefits during this session.

    During this meeting, the speaker will help us:

    • Understand the importance of benchmarking
    • Understand if national, local, or both are relevant to your business
    • Understand how you stack up

      More about the Speaker: 

      Jeff LeClaire and Garrett Jerue lead the benefits consulting practice for The Insurance Center, a 12-location benefits consulting firm headquartered in Onalaska, WI.   
      • 19 Jul 2023
      • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
      • Hybrid Event

      This is a hybrid event. In-person attendees will meet at Belle Square (232 3rd Street North, La Crosse, WI). Enter the doors at the corner of 3rd Street and Vine Street.

      Alan’s dynamic program is built around the two years of planning and two months of climbing that went into making the goal of reaching the summit of Mount Everest a reality for Alan and three members of his immediate family. It is an engaging visual and educational journey packed with tools, strategies and innovative ideas that human resources professionals can put into action to make positive changes in their professional and personal journeys. Alan puts specific emphasis on maintaining a future mindset, effective collaboration, adapting to change, developing mutual goals, overcoming adversity, empowering others, and developing trust in professional relationships.

      During this meeting, the speaker will help us:

      • Adapt to chaining environments using agile methodologies
      • Manage risk and determine response strategies
      • Empower employees to make informed decisions
      • Maintain a future mindset
      More about the Speaker: 
      Alan is an international speaker, author and performance coach who is passionate about leadership and reaching new heights in all that we do! His unique philosophy of life revolves around empowering people and embracing an agile mentality focused on goals and results. By understanding what drives and motivates us, we are able to cultivate more innovative and effective ways of thinking and taking action.

      Alan holds a degree in engineering from Queen’s University and a masters in psychology from Adler University, giving him a well-balanced approach to the outer and inner challenges we all face. Alan has worked internationally with large organizations as a professional engineer and project manager developing patents and solutions to complex challenges in the mining and metals industry. Living and working abroad has given him the opportunity to deepen his understanding of individual and team challenges, better appreciate cultural diversity and successfully adapt to different organizational structures.

      Building experience through a lifestyle of adventure and challenge, in the spring of 2008 Alan embarked on the journey of a lifetime and set a world record on Mount Everest along with three members of his immediate family. It was a two-month expedition through some of the most exciting yet terrifying conditions imaginable and their success demanded an unwavering perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Alan delivers a number of exciting presentations and training programs designed to help individuals, team members and organizations reach new heights in the way we think and the actions we take in order to achieve breakthrough performance.

      • 16 Aug 2023
      • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
      • Hybrid Event

      This is a hybrid event. In-person attendees will meet at Belle Square (232 3rd Street North, La Crosse, WI). Enter the doors at the corner of 3rd Street and Vine Street.

      In our efforts to conquer every ‘people’ challenge facing today’s organizations, is HR failing to recognize the challenges, opportunities and unintended consequences of our actions or inactions.

      In this session - Tina Marie will highlight the growing need for HR to recognize in order for us to continue to impact and support our stakeholders – we need to listen to our own advice and shift from Performance Improvement Processes to People Inspired Processes.

      During this meeting, the speaker will help us:

      • Boundaries, Isolation, Standards and Processes – opportunities and barriers to becoming the HR department we all want to work for.
      • Are you practicing HR by “living by exception” or “living by example” when it comes to HR activities and your own professional development?
      • HR are People too! – why we often neglect our own needs for the sake of others. 

      More about the Speaker: 

      Tina Marie Wohlfield is the founder and Chief People Strategist at TIMAWO (pronounced Tee-ma-woe). She is a passionate champion of Human Resources, Leadership and Talent Management with over 25+ years’ experience in the Human Resources profession.

      Tina Marie received her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Walsh College. In addition to holding both the SHRM-SCP and SPHR, HR professional certifications; she is a Neuroscience-based coach with a Certification in Applied Neuroscience by Key Change Institute (KCI).

      Tina Marie is an active member of the HR community and dedicated advocate for advancing the HR profession through collaboration, partnerships and mentorship. In 2018 she co-founded HRUnite! a professional networking and advocacy group to support and advance the HR profession through impactful professional relationships.

      Tina Marie is an HR Storyteller and frequent speaker on HR and leadership topics throughout the country. Her first book, STOP Collaborate and LISTEN – Developing Impactful HR Partnerships Through Collaboration was released in March 2019 and is available through Lulu Publishing.

      • 11 Oct 2023
      • 1:00 PM
      • 13 Oct 2023
      • 1:00 PM
      • Kalahari Resort - Wisconsin Dells, WI

      The 2023 Wisconsin SHRM Conference will be a hybrid event, with in-person and virtual experiences.

      Whether you attend virtually or in-person, there will be a variety of sessions to increase your HR knowledge and provide credits toward recertification.

      Registration opens June 2023!

      • 15 Nov 2023
      • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
      • Hybrid Event

      This is a hybrid event. In-person attendees will meet at Belle Square (232 3rd Street North, La Crosse, WI). Enter the doors at the corner of 3rd Street and Vine Street.

      Many of us fear conflict because we don't feel confident in our ability to handle it. In this session, you'll learn how to shift your mindset about conflict from something to fear to an opportunity for progress, creativity, and innovation.

      During this meeting, the speaker will help us:

      • Uncover your conflict mode
      • Understand how to leverage it for connection and growth
      • Learn skills you can use to immediately build your confidence in approaching conflict
      • Leave with concrete words, phrases, and skills to unlock your unlimited potential

        More about the Speaker: 

        As the founder and CEO of Conflict Capable Solutions, Anna is revolutionizing how people approach and handle conflict.

        For many years, she was an executive leader for mission-driven organizations that were stifled by conflict. She’s on a mission to help people level up from conflict management to conflict capabilities with her experience and expertise in civil mediation, civil mediation training, conflict resolution consulting, and facilitated dialogues.

        She works alongside individual leaders, teams, and organizations to help them make a plan to help people confidently approach conflict. With her guidance, they shift their mindset about conflict and learn shared words, phrases, and skills that unlock their unlimited potential.

        She holds a bachelor’s degree in Diversity Studies and Communication and a master’s degree in Advocacy and Political leadership.

        Anna loves popcorn, improv, paddle boarding, creative writing, and meeting you.

        She’s based in Minneapolis where she lives with her husband Gabe and Morris, the bouncy Golden Retriever.

      Past events

      17 May 2023 LASHRM May Meeting | Building Resiliency
      10 May 2023 Coffee Chat > What HR Needs to Know About Mental Health
      3 May 2023 Emerging HR Professionals Event | Jump Start Your Career
      19 Apr 2023 LASHRM April Meeting | Seven Steps for Creating Bulletproof Documentation
      11 Apr 2023 The Parenting Place | Local Conversations: Child Care Edition
      11 Apr 2023 WI Workforce Development Association | Talent Development Conference
      1 Apr 2023 2023 WI SHRM Student Conference and Case Competition
      15 Mar 2023 LASHRM March Meeting | How to Manage Resistance to DEI
      8 Mar 2023 Emerging HR Professionals Event | Finding Your Leadership Style
      16 Feb 2023 2023 WI Workplace Policy Conference
      15 Feb 2023 LASHRM February Meeting | Winning at Working Parenthood: An HR Practitioner's Perspective
      18 Jan 2023 LASHRM January Meeting | Creating Empathy Through Conversation
      21 Dec 2022 Employee Benefits Compliance and Regulatory Update
      16 Nov 2022 Follow the Leaders: What Top Companies Are Doing With Their Employee Benefits Program
      9 Nov 2022 Coffee Chat > Addressing Employee Financial Issues with Motivational Interviewing (MI)
      19 Oct 2022 Emerging HR Professionals Event
      12 Oct 2022 WISHRM State Conference
      21 Sep 2022 Building Trust in Remote (and in-person) Teams
      8 Sep 2022 7th Annual Workforce Forum: The Pursuit of Diversity
      24 Aug 2022 Coffee Chat > Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community
      17 Aug 2022 Exquisite Systems: Performing a 360 Equity Audit In-House
      27 Jul 2022 Coffee Chat > Wisconsin Apprenticeship Program Overview
      20 Jul 2022 4 Ways to Delete Bias from Your Job Post
      15 Jun 2022 Gathering and Using Your Team’s Input: Best Practice Ideas for Your Employee Survey Process
      8 Jun 2022 Coffee Chat > The Parenting Place
      1 Jun 2022 Membership Appreciation Night at the La Crosse Loggers
      18 May 2022 2022 Symposium | Employee Wellbeing
      11 May 2022 Coffee Chat > Starting the Conversation of Employee Wellbeing
      27 Apr 2022 Coffee Chat > Re-Energize Your Culture Through Trust & Teamwork
      20 Apr 2022 The Evolution of the Talent Acquisition Strategy
      16 Mar 2022 Mental Health in the Workplace & Introduction of The Accommodate in Place Initiative
      24 Feb 2022 Emerging HR Professionals Event
      23 Feb 2022 Coffee Chat > The Dos and Don'ts of HR Technology
      16 Feb 2022 How Mental Health Affects Office Conflict, and How Office Conflict Affects Mental Health.
      16 Feb 2022 RESCHEDULED Exquisite Systems: Performing a 360 Equity Audit In-House
      10 Feb 2022 2022 Day on the Hill
      19 Jan 2022 Cybersecurity in Human Resources
      12 Jan 2022 Coffee Chat > La Crosse Talent Attraction Campaign
      15 Dec 2021 OSHA Update
      8 Dec 2021 Members Only | Virtual 80s Escape Room
      17 Nov 2021 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
      19 Oct 2021 Emerging HR Professionals Event
      13 Oct 2021 WISHRM State Conference
      23 Sep 2021 Workforce Forum > The Language of Diversity
      21 Sep 2021 Coffee Chat > COVID the Remasking
      15 Sep 2021 Talent Optimization & People Strategy
      18 Aug 2021 Employment Law
      4 Aug 2021 Coffee Chat > Mental Health in the Workplace
      21 Jul 2021 Marijuana & Drug Testing
      15 Jul 2021 2021 Member Appreciation
      30 Jun 2021 Coffee Chat > Transportation Accessibility
      16 Jun 2021 Reimagining Human Resources
      8 Jun 2021 Coffee Chat – Labor Shortages
      26 May 2021 Coffee Chat – Changes with the CDC – Unmasking
      19 May 2021 Symposium: Diversity & Inclusion
      21 Apr 2021 The Outward Mindset
      17 Mar 2021 New Hire Orientations
      25 Feb 2021 The Journey to a Remote Workforce
      17 Feb 2021 Maintaining Civility through Constructive Conflict
      4 Feb 2021 Workforce Readiness Workshops
      20 Jan 2021 COVID Update
      16 Dec 2020 Resilience: Self-Care, Mindfulness, Boundaries
      18 Nov 2020 EEOC Update
      27 Oct 2020 Coffee & Catch Up!
      21 Oct 2020 Compensation Programs
      3 Sep 2020 Breaking Barriers
      19 Aug 2020 Mental Health First Aid
      14 Jul 2020 Symposium: Daring Leadership
      17 Jun 2020 HR Professionals During Crisis
      20 May 2020 Requesting ADA Information
      30 Apr 2020 Virtual Happy Hour
      15 Apr 2020 Virtual Happy Hour!
      18 Mar 2020 CANCELLED: Tips for Managing Accommodations During Recruitment & Hire
      19 Feb 2020 Alexa, Email Me Process Engineer Resumes
      15 Jan 2020 Strategic Partnerships & Influencing Upper Leadership
      18 Dec 2019 Self Sufficiency Program: Education Support for Employees
      20 Nov 2019 What Employers Need to Know for the Holidays
      16 Oct 2019 State Conference | HR Trailblazers
      19 Sep 2019 Coulee Region Job Fair
      18 Sep 2019 Economics Outlook
      10 Sep 2019 4th Annual Business Breakfast Forum
      21 Aug 2019 Building an Effective Sustainability Team
      1 Aug 2019 State Leadership Conference
      17 Jul 2019 Wisconsin Internship Initiative
      22 Jun 2019 National Conference | Creating Better Workplaces
      19 Jun 2019 Annual Member Appreciation Event
      15 May 2019 Symposium | Legal Challenges of Leave

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